Cold and hot peel DTF film roll

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A3, A4 Screen printing inkjet film

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A3, A4 Medical X-ray film

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X-ray Film

  • Low fog, high sharpness, great transmission density
  • Environmental-friendly, odorless and pollution-free
  • Excellent ink coverage and resolution, accurate and true image
  • Strong weatherability, suitable for long-term preservation

DTF Film

  • 100% strong ink absorption,
  • Hot peel, save operation time
  • powder easy clean
  • brightly color
  • soft hand feeling
  • Ready to ship in stock

Inkjet film

  • High permeability,Wear and scratch resistant after dry. It will not be damaged by scraping against hard objects.
  • The printing precision is high, can clearly show the fine text dot.
  • Excellent solid color performance, can effectively prevent the image ink dot spread,prolong print film storage time.

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