Wholesale Medical film 14"*17" x-ray films

Medical films are a type of imaging film traditionally used in medical applications, including radiography and X-ray imaging. Medical films commonly refer to X-ray films, which capture the images created using an X-ray machine. These films are typically made up of X-ray film sheets, which are pre-coated with gelatin or other light-sensitive coatings.

X-ray films have been commonly used in medical imaging since their invention in the late 19th century. In recent years, however, digital medical imaging has become more popular. Digital systems offer advantages such as immediate access to images and the ability to manipulate them for better diagnoses. Additionally, they eliminate the need for physical storage space and processing equipment.

Medical films, however, still have a valuable role in certain situations. For example, some medical facilities may not have access to digital imaging technology due to cost constraints or lack of infrastructure. In these cases, X-ray films provide an affordable and reliable means of medical imaging.


In addition to X-ray films, medical films can also refer to other types of imaging films used in the medical field such as MRI or CT scans. These films are usually coated with a photosensitive emulsion layer that captures the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the imaging device and produce clear and high-quality images.

In conclusion, advances in digital imaging technology have allowed doctors and healthcare professionals to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. However, medical films like X-ray films still play an important role in medical imaging for certain applications. As long as there is a need for physical copies of images and reliable alternatives for digital imaging, medical film will continue to be an essential tool for healthcare providers.