Blue 8"*10" X-ray Film

Medical X-ray film

Product Description
Manufacture the medical film choosing top quality raw materials polyester base film and inkjet emulsion, moreover using advanced coating technology. The film has the characteristics of low fog, high definition, bright tone, Accurate and true image, high resolution and so on. It can be printed and taken without waiting. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and waterproof and does not fade. Suitable for long-term storage.In medical diagnosis, it is mainly used to print out medical images such as X-ray, CT, DR, and MRI.
EY-X-ray film
Item Name
Blue Medical Inkjet Film
Blue Sensitive
PET Base
210 micron
Size Type in rolls
Roll Size: 13"/17"x30m etc.
Size Type in sheets
8*10 inch, 10*12 inch, 11*14 inch , A3, A4, 13*17 inch, 14*17 etc.
100 sheets/carton 30meters/roll or as request!
Output of medical image such as X-ray, CT, CR, DR, NMR
Suitable printer
Inkjet printer: HP, Epson 4910/801/301, Canon IX6780/1800, etc.
Copatible ink
Dye/pigment ink
Storage Tips
1)Pay attention to prevent direct sunlight to avoid aging of the coating.
2)Keep the temperature at 10℃-23℃, relative humidity 30%-65%, keep away from heat source.
3)Try to be cool, dry, and dust-free indoors, even fine dust will affect the printing effect of the film.
4)Acid and alkaline gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde are not allowed in the storage room.
5)Keep it upright to avoid artifacts caused by pressure. Preventing long-term heavy pressure cause coating and film base
6)Be careful not to mistake the printing surface of the film when using it, and do not touch the printing surface of the film with wet hands, so as not to cause the printing coating to not receive ink well.